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SE* Shaningo's Athena NEM NS 09 21 

Darling of White Frost NEM A 21


Resultatet blev ❤️❤️❤️ gudomligt söta små s(katter) på ca 80 g vardera:

Shaningo´s Serenity ♀ - LEDIG
Shaningo´s Shiloh ♀ - BOKAD
Shaningo´s Seven ♂  - LEDIG


Heavens - above and beyond

I n s p i r e d  b y 

SE* Shaningo's SERENITY  ♀ 

Meaning: Serene or calm

Serenity is a girl’s name of French and Latin origins. Meaning “peaceful” and “calm,” Serenity is a virtue name that will inspire baby to live a life of serenity and grace. Or—to go from the sublime to the ridiculous—millennial parents who grew up on Joss Whedon shows will love how the name nods to his cowboys-in-space sci-fi movie Serenity, a spin-off of the cult classic television series Firefly. Whatever your reasons for choosing Serenity, the name will undoubtedly bring baby adventure and aplomb.

♥ Shaningos SERENITY   - NEM  N 09 21

SE* Shaningo's SHILOH ♂ ♀

Meaning: Tranquil, Abundance
Shiloh is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin, meaning “tranquil,” “He whose it is.” This spiritual title is also the name of the place where Israelites used to live and assemble before Judah. An area of beauty and serenity, Shiloh was the dwelling place for the Ark of the Covenant before it was eventually moved to Jerusalem. Named after this divine vista, baby Shiloh will undoubtedly feel a plenitude of inner peace, whether raised to follow the Jewish faith or not.
♥ Shaningos  SHILOH - NEM  AS 21

SE* Shaningo's SEVEN ♂ ♀

Meaning: Loving one
Seven is a gender-neutral name of Turkish and American origin. In Turkish, Seven means “loving one” and derives from the verb sevmek, meaning “to love.” In America, Seven refers to the number seven, considered a lucky number by many. It also has strong symbolic associations in religion, mythology, superstition, and literature. For example, in many cultures, the seventh son of a seventh son is thought to have special powers. Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 named their son Seven in 1997, while David and Victoria Beckham named their daughter Harper Seven in 2011. Seventh son or not, choosing this name could be a lovely way to express the hope that good luck will follow baby throughout their life
♥ Shaningos  SEVEN - NEM  AS 21


Ett hus utan katt är bara ett hus. -Ett hus med katt blir ett hem! 
"Må hända, att för dej är de bara katter. 
Men för mej är de håriga barn som går på alla fyra och inte kan prata rent."


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