Shaningo's A-kull föddes den 5 juni 2017

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SE* Konvaljebackens Amazing Ayla AS 09 21 

SE* Tokkattens gofor Babylon NS 09 21


Resultatet blev ❤️❤️❤️❤️ gudomligt söta små s(katter) på 100 g vardera:

SE* Shaningo's Atlaz

SE* Shaningo's Akillez

SE* Shaningo's Athena

SE* Shaningo's Aphrodite

- αllα s(kαttєr) hαr híttαt sínα fínα för-αlltíd-hєm! ღ



Amor Vincit Omnia

I n s p i r e d  b y 


SE* Shaningo's Amor Vincit Omnia Atlaz

  • Atlas was associated with Atlantis by Pluto, and the first king of Atlantis was said to be named Atlas. "Atlantic Ocean" means "Sea of Atlas", while "Atlantis" means "Island of Atlas". Atlas is the son of God Poseidon, the Titan who founded Atlantis. Titans are giant gods. We have seen that the Titan Atlas carried the Earth on his back, which means that thanks to gravitology, the Atlanteans were able to straighten Earth's axis. But that is not all. The mythology says that Atlas had seven daughters, the Pleiades. By spinning the metaphor, Atlas' seven daughters could well be seven settlements founded by the survivors of Atlantis, to repopulate the Earth after the flood.

Atlas was also the Titan god who bore the sky aloft. He personified the quality of endurance (atlaô). Atlas was a leader of the Titanes in their war against Zeus and after their defeat he was condemned to carry the heavens upon his shoulders. According to others he was instead (or later) appointed guardian of the pillars which held the earth and sky asunder. Atlas was also the god who instructed mankind in the art of astronomy, a tool which was used by sailors in navigation and farmers in measuring the seasons. These roles were often combined and Atlas becomes the god who turns the heaven on their axis, causing the stars to revolve. 

SE* Shaningo's Amor Vincit Omnia Akillez

A unique name for a unique soul. The most loving and kind hearted. But don't be fooled by him because just like the name descibes, he's tough and brave inside. Akillez is a loyal friend, one that last for eternity. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that's everything. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.

SE* Shaningo's Amor Vincit Omnia Athena

Athena was the Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. She was the daughter of Zeuz. The godess of wisdom. She was fierce and brave in battle; however, she only took part in wars that defended the state and home from outside enemies. She was the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity. She was Zeus' favourite child and was allowed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt. Her holy tree was the olive tree and she was often symbolised as an owl...... 

SE* Shaningo's Amor Vincit Omnia Aphrodite

Aphrodite was the goddess of love, desire and beauty. Apart from her natural beauty, she also had a magical girdle that compelled everyone to desire her. She lives Aloha, love and empathy! She is magic as much as she works IT. Her holy tree was the myrtle, while her holy birds were the dove, the swan, and the sparrow. And AYE - she sure brings the A to the mor...... 

❤️ You can't tame the spirit of someone that has magic in their veins. 



Ett hus utan katt är bara ett hus. -Ett hus med katt blir ett hem! 
"Må hända, att för dej är de bara katter. 
Men för mej är de håriga barn som går på alla fyra och inte kan prata rent."


 © attitude is everything!


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