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♂ OMEGA Blekitny Aniol *PL NEM as 03 21
SE* Shaningo's Hope for tomorrow NEM as 21


Resultatet blev ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ gudomligt söta små s(katter) på ca 90 g vardera:

Shaningo´s MULAN ♀ -  FLYTTAT

Shaningo´s MOANA ♀ - FLYTTAT

Shaningo´s MODIG ♂  - FLYTTAT

Shaningo´s MAUI ♂  - FLYTTAT
Shaningo´s MILO ♂ - FLYTTAT

- αllα skαttєr hαr híttαt sínα fínα för-αlltíd-hєm! ღ


Disney Characters

I n s p i r e d  b y 

SE* Shaningo's MULAN ♀  

wood orchid

Mulan is a feminine name of Chinese origin. While this name refers to flowers, meaning “magnolia blossom” or “wood orchid,” it also brings feelings of strength and victory. Mulan was also the name of a legendary Chinese warrior who disguised herself as a man to take her sick father's place in the army.

♥ Shaningos   MULAN  - NEM   AS 03 21


SE* Shaningo's MOANA ♀ 

ocean, sea

It is a beautiful Hawaiian given name meaning "ocean, sea, or expanse of water." The name has been a firm favorite among Polynesian communities for years, gaining global popularity with the release of Disney's epic animated film in 2016.

♥ Shaningos MOANA -   NEM  AS 21


SE* Shaningo's MODIG ♂   

one who has achieved a high honor

Modig is a name of Latin origin that means “one who has achieved a high honor.” If you're a Disney and Pixar buff, the character that may come to mind is Princess Merida from the movie Brave. Her independence, emotional strength, and archery skills make for a powerful role model for anyone or everyone.

♥ Shaningos  MODIG -  NEM  AS 21

SE* Shaningo's MAUI ♂  

 god of fire, magic

Maui is a boy's name of Hawaiian and Maori origin. This name belongs to a trickster god in Polynesian mythology, and was also given to one of the Hawaiian islands. The 2016 Disney film Moana brought the name Maui into popular culture with Dwayne Johnson's playful portrayal of the god.

♥ Shaningos MAUI -  NEM  AS 0321



SE* Shaningo's MILO ♂ 

merciful, calm
Meanings vary from "merciful soldier" to "mild, peaceful, or calm"

Milo as in the character Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

♥ Shaningos MILO  -  NEM  AS 21


Ett hus utan katt är bara ett hus. -Ett hus med katt blir ett hem! 
"Må hända, att för dej är de bara katter. 
Men för mej är de håriga barn som går på alla fyra och inte kan prata rent."


 © attitude is everything!


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