SE* Shaningo's B-kull föddes den 7. april 2019

Föräldrar är: 

SE* Konvaljebacken´s Amazing Ayla NEM AS 09 21 

Darling of White Frost NEM A 21


Resultatet blev 4 gudomligt söta små s(katter) på 90 g vardera:


SE* Shaningo`s BLESSING

SE* Shaningo`s BELLINA

SE* Shaningo`s BLISS




I n s p i r e d  b y 

SE* Shaningo's Bellissimo 

“Bello” means pretty or handsome. The “o” indicates a male noun, so you would say a guy is “bello”, for instance. “Bella” would be how you would describe a girl. The suffix “-issimo” or “-issima” simply means “very” something. So “bellissimo” is a guy who is very handsome. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. - This is Bellissimo



SE* Shaningo's Blessing

Blessings - it’s such a beautiful and powerful understanding of our spiritual work. The Creator desires our prayers because the Light wants to come down and fill our need or lack, but there’s no pathway for it without them. When a person prays with the right consciousness, what he does is create a new pathway so that the Light of whatever he is praying for has a place to flow down. That’s the purpose of prayer. That’s the purpose of blessings. Every time a person makes a blessing what he does is open up a new pathway. -Blessing is a blessing!


SE* Shaningo's Bellina 

Bellina is the name of a smart, sweet, happy feline who tries to bring love and happiness to any situation. Her presence will light up any room and bring sunshine to a rainy day. She is full of love and always ready to share her light. Her name means "little beautiful one" and this little one personifies this particular name.


SE* Shaningo's Bliss

This Bliss is this feline-female with an amazing sense of awesome-ness, fun to be around and beautiful to look at. If you are lucky enough to get to know this Bliss you will never want to let her go. If a feline-male finds this Bliss, he has to be amazing and perfect just like her, in order for this Bliss to fall for him. - She is heaven on earth and any humans best friend!
The metaphysical sweetspot between non-existance and reality sought eternally by humans.



Ett hus utan katt är bara ett hus. -Ett hus med katt blir ett hem! 
"Må hända, att för dej är de bara katter. 
Men för mej är de håriga barn som går på alla fyra och inte kan prata rent."


© attitude is everything!


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